Financial innovation Financial innovation

Financial Innovation

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Provide innovative financial services that meet diverse needs
Expand services for the segments of next-generation, asset forming, and digital seniors

We will contribute to the growth of our nation’s economy
by fulfilling the role as a financial service provider to help customers
with their wealth formation and capital enhancement.

From Our Vision

Financial innovation through advanced and original services

“Alliance,” “Digital” and “Orque d'or” are the characteristics of the Group’s business strategy. They will lead to unprecedented financial innovation and contribute to the formation of our customers’ assets, the enhancement of our shareholders’ equity, and the growth of the Japanese economy through our unique approach.”



Tokai Tokyo Financial Group has formed alliances with many leading regional banks to accomplish mutual benefits. In the process of executing these alliances, we deployed various strategies. We are proud that this series of our endeavors has established a new business model in the financial industry.



Tokai Tokyo Financial Group considers that digitalization should be one critically important task to be taken on. Such a view is based on our perception of the current changes in the business environment. The changes call for digital transformation for us to maintain sustainable growth for the sake of our better adaptation and survival.


Orque d’or

As a securities brokerage firm focusing on conventional faceto-face services, Tokai Tokyo Securities, has always emphasized customer relations. Under a unique, “the Orque d’or", service brand that we set up, we serve high-net-worth customers with a service of high quality attentive to details that we have long fermented through abundant face-to-face customer service experiences.

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