Health Health


Good Health and Well-Being


Promote and maintain the health of local people and employees
Provide a workplace where employees can work robustly in good health

Well-being Declaration

We will monitor employee well-being and address any problems we identify.
We will take daily action to protect employees’ physical and mental health.
We will assist each employee with their specific health
and disease-prevention needs and help them reconcile the demands of treatment and work.

Published in April 2019

Health management

Basic Idea

The Group deems it one of our essential management missions to keep every employee in good health. We embrace the concept of well-being, which tells us that health means to be in good physical, mental and social conditions. To encourage all of us in the Group to enjoy well-being, we are implementing various actions. We respect the ILO International Labor Standards and observe various labor-related laws and regulations. Also, to provide employees with an environment where they can work lively for many years in good health, we organized the Hygiene Meeting to arouse employees’ consciousness of hygiene, administered stress testing, and took measures to reduce overtime work.

Good Health Promotion Management Initiative

Good Health Promotion Committee

We provide health checkups to monitor employee health and identify health issues. We also provide programs designed to promote healthy living.
We conduct inspections to verify the effect of measures taken and set a health promotion goal.

Good Health Promotion Committee


Personnel Committee Members

Personnel Planning Department Head

Full-time Public Health Nurse

Representative Occupational Physician

CHO (Chief Health Officer)

Senior Managing Executive Officer  Masanori Hayashi

Masanori Hayashi

A person in good health, both mentally and physically, can afford to be nice and considerate to oneself and the people around. It is a general belief that such a healthy person radiates potent energy positively toward many things. Implementing health management for all the officers and employees in the Group, I think, would help us all disseminate positive energies, heighten creativity, raise productivity, activate spirit for challenges, and enhance individual resourcefulness. Consequently, health management should improve human resource potential, which empowers the driving force for the Group to grow more. Thus, I strongly hope that our continuing efforts to improve the workplace environment lead to a positive cycle linked to uninterrupted company growth.

CHO is an acronym for Chief Health Officer, who bears the highest responsibility for improving the employees’ wellness. The officer supervises activities related to the employees’ health management.

Narumi Kurosu

Well-being Ambassador

Ms. Narumi Kurosu at Social Value & Justice Department, Modern Pentathlon athlete who competed
in the London Olympics 2012 as a Japanese delegate.


The Well-bing ambassador shares with employees the knowledge they learned as an athlete, including tips for improving fitness and reducing stress, and advice healthy and light meals. As a fitness professional, the well-being ambassador teaches techniques and skills in a down-to-earth, relatable way.

Past advisory activities:

[Mental Health] training and right breathing to refresh the mind and body

[Physical Conditioning] Correct posture to cure overweight by, Achieving physical fitness through simple physical exercise

[Dietary Practice] Improving diet by challenging 20-minute cooking

<About Ms. Narumi Kurosu>


Won the first All Japan Championship

Won the 5th Prize in the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou


Won the second All Japan Championship
(won championship for two consecutive contests)


Joined the Company

Competed in Modern Decathlon in London Olympics representing Japan


In the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, I won the 6th prize as an individual player and the Silver Medal as a member of the Japanese team.


Current status of health management promotion

1.Support for employees’ health management

Under the supervision of medical professionals, including occupational physicians and full-time public health nurses, we manage and support employees’ health.

⑴Support to be provided based on the physical checkup

Based on the result of the physical checkup, occupational physicians send letters to employees, as the case may be, recommending second and thorough examinations. Also, we provide health guidance on diet and exercise to employees diagnosed to suffer an incipient lifestyle-related illness. Thus, we are advancing health management to protect employees from diseases.

⑵Mental Healthcare

By making consultation services available to employees, we aim to prevent them from suffering mental disorders. Further, to avoid the symptoms’ recurrence, we provide continuing care by ascertaining physical conditions and consultations with physicians to support the employees returning to work.

2.Breeding consciousness of health among employees

We are undertaking a measure to breed consciousness in employees’ minds by distributing the leaflet titled “Well-Being Letter,” recommending the ideas good for health they can practice easily in their daily lives.

Well-Being Letter

3.Events organized for employees

We are actively promoting initiatives that allow employees to participate in activities remotely even during the telework environment. These initiatives include our “walking promotion activities”, in which our employees use a pedometer application to compete for the number of steps they take during a set period of time, and the distribution of “health fitness videos”, where employees who are athletes introduce stretch and torso training that can be easily done at employees’ desks or homes.

4.Stress Check

All employees on the payroll are recommended to take the check the stress check. The result of the checking is used to improve the working environment.

5.Problem of Long Working Hours

We are making efforts to reduce the cases where employees have to work long hours from the viewpoint of health management. Whenever and wherever working hours at any specific office exceeds a certain predetermined level, we direct the guidance on normalization of working hours to the manager of such office. Also, we arrange a physical condition testing that a full-time public health nurse operates using an interview sheet for an employee who tends to work long hours. Based on this testing result, a physician conducts an interview with such an employee if deemed necessary.

6.Health Management Study Meeting

From time to time, we organize a “Health Management Study Meeting” for those responsible for HR and General Affairs at our respective group companies. In the meeting, we provide training for them to understand the company policy of health management promotion, share information about employees’ health management, and learn how to deal with employees who have a mental disorders.

External evaluation of health management

Qualified as an “Excellent Health Management Corporation 2022(Large Enterprise Category)”

The Company won certification as “Excellent Health Management Corporation 2022” for three years. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Excellent Health Management Corporation Industry and the Japan Health Conference jointly administer the subject certification.
The Excellent Health Management Corporation certification is a program to honor the corporations, either large or small in size, that drive noticeably excellent health promotion initiatives. The certificates are afforded to the corporations that fulfill the initiatives addressing respective regional health issues and take on the tasks for health promotion in accordance with the guidance provided by the Japan Health Conference.
We continue to eagerly prepare a suitable working environment for employees to work lively and comfortably for many years.

Excellent Health Management Corporation 2022(Large Enterprise Category)

Encouraging More Physical Exercises

We make a variety of approaches both inside and outside the Company to support sports by encouraging frequent physical exercise for improving health. We hire athletes, drive employees’ active participation in sports, and contribute to regional sports promotions. Japan Sports Agency recognized our such endeavors and certified us as one of the award recipients, “Sports Yell Company.” Also, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Bureau recognized us as Tokyo Sports Promotion Company. We won both recognitions consecutively for three years.

Sports Yell Company

Selected as a “2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Promotion Model Company” for the first time

Among the 333 companies certified as “2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Companies,” we were selected for the first time as a “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Model Company (hereinafter “Model Company”)” as a company with particularly progressive and strong impact initiatives.

Nine model companies were selected (six from the Practice category and three from the Support category). We were selected for the Practice category for companies that support sports activities and promote health by employees.

Award ceremony, March 24, 2022
Award ceremony, March 24, 2022

Major Initiatives Leading to the Award

  • Distribution of “Health Fitness Videos” by employees who are athletes
  • Walking Promotion Event
  • Regular distribution of “well-being communications” (health information)
  • Subsidy system for in-house club activities
  • Hiring of athletes