Training and Workstyle Training and Workstyle

Training and Workstyle

Quality Education Gender Equality Decent Work and Economic Growth


Provide a workplace where employees with diverse backgrounds
and talents can fulfill their potential in inclusive atmosphere
Support employee's special skill sharpening

We will encourage employees with varying experience
and expertise to attain sparkling self-realization in their respective ways.

From Our Mission


Professionalism with the human touch

To adapt to a shifting business environment, we view human resources as the most essential management assets. Based on this idea, we nurture a workforce that combines professional expertise with humanity (personal qualities) by providing various training programs tailored to different roles and goals. We nudge employees toward opportunities for self-driven learning so that they never stop developing themselves professionally and personally. This approach to talent development is followed throughout the Group.

MBA scholarship

We give employees opportunities to attend graduate courses. There are two participating institutions in Japan. The first is at Waseda University (Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law) and the second at Hitotsubashi University (Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy). We are also sending selected employees to the institutions in the USA and Europe.

Supporting education in local communities

We support educational opportunities for local communities as well as for our employees.
Examples include courses we run in universities in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Financial education for university students

Financial education for university students 1
Financial education for university students 2

With the aim of acquiring financial literacy and gaining a better understanding of the roles and operations of securities companies in the capital market, our Group employees teach semi-annual lectures on familiar topics based on actual securities business.

Career Formation Support

We declare ourselves an ever-learning organization and offer various career brush-up programs to employees prompting them to acquire professional knowledge and plan career formation. We implement programs such as Qualification Acquisition Mileage, In-house Staff Recruitment Scheme, and various pieces of training. The Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare presented us with the Good Career Company Grand Award in the fiscal year 2018, recognizing such initiatives of ours.

Good Career Company Aword

Cafeteria training

As a “company that continues to learn,” employees are encouraged to learn voluntarily. Employees can freely choose and take classes according to their self-development needs.
In addition to the “Business Basic Skills” program, we also offer a variety of programs designed to enhance expertise. There are programs where you take classes at your own expense, but there are also systems where you can get a partial refund if you meet the conditions.

TT School

We aim to acquire various kinds of knowledge and core skills that are useful for business in accordance with various themes. We have online group training programs.

TT Learning

This is a correspondence training program aimed at improving expertise as a financial and securities person and skills as a businessperson. You can choose from over 100 curriculums to study according to your purpose.


This is an original e-learning system that allows students to quickly learn about financial issues such as market and economic trends, laws and taxes. Through daily small steps, you can increase your knowledge and acquire the habit of “continuous learning.”

5-Minute Drills

If you study one topic for five minutes every day, you can finish one course in about a month. It can also be used to acquire “FP Continuing Education Credits” required to maintain AFP/CFP qualifications.

e-Learning Library

We offer a package of e-learning courses to help employees acquire basic business skills.

FYE Mar. 2021

Number of employees who acquired qualication / license MBA from institution in Japan 30
MBA from institution in other country 9
Securities analyst license 128
CFA charter 9
AFP, CFA charter 1,958
TOEIC score of 700 or higher 181
Chief of Money Lending Operations license 136
Education and training expenses (million yen on consolidated basis)   173
E-learning* Number of attendees 1,495

*Optional ("cafeteria") training programs

Workstyle reform

Job-based employment—Rewarding employees for their professional and personal development

We classify the professional skillsets we require and use job descriptions to clearly delineate each employee’s roles and responsibilities.

Respecting human rights, embracing diversity,Prohibiting workplace harassment

We have enshrined respect for human rights in the Tokai Tokyo Financial Group's Ethical Code of Conduct. In April 2020, we published the Anti-Harassment Pledge.

Humanity Enhancement Program

In July 2020, we launched the “Humanity Enhancement Program” with the aim of promoting the improvement of human nature. This program aims to support voluntary efforts to improve human skills outside of work and to serve as role models within the company. Specific measures include support for taking a second job in another company in order to gain a variety of practical experiences, values, and knowledge, and a mentor-mentee system in which employees with career development issues or concerns (mentees) are introduced to employees with a wealth of knowledge and experience (mentors) so that they can work on solving the mentees’ problems.

Humanity Enhancement Program
Humanity Enhancement Program

Internal job posting system

The internal job posting system enables employees to form their careers in the jobs they desire by letting them apply voluntarily. With the aim of enhancing knowledge in different fields by challenging their own potential, departments that are capable of developing skills publicly disclose the contents of recruitment and recruit candidates. Employees who wish to take on new challenges and grow will submit applications including their reasons for applying and strengths. After the aptitude and ability of applicants are judged through examination of resumes and interviews, they will be transferred to the desired position. Under this system, which allows employees to voluntarily develop their own career paths, more than 300 employees have been transferred to new workplaces to help them develop their own careers.

An employee suggestion program

Examples of dialogue with employees

We run an employee suggestion program in which employees can submit ideas for improving the Company. In the period under review, 265 ideas were submitted. The ideas included those for improving workplace productivity (or transforming working patterns) and promoting SDGs initiatives. Award-winning ideas were swiftly implemented and praised by other employees.

An existing employee-engagement program
  • Employee crowdsourcing program

    This crowdsourcing program distributes tasks to the employees outside their departments seeking for particular skills and experience to improve productivity and generate new outcomes.

Employee feedback
  • I got a chance to work with new people and experience head office operations.
  • The experience will help my career.

Diversity Promotion

The Group has positioned “promotion of diversity” as one of its management strategies and is engaged in a variety of activities, including initiatives promoting human rights, diversity and against harassment, support for childcare and nursing care, and initiatives for employment and recruitment.