Unique management strategy implementation by advancing digital transformation

Of the mentioned strategies above, we consider that digitalization should be one critically important task to be taken on. Such a view is based on our perception of the current changes in the business environment, and they are rapidly permeating digitalization, fast FinTech evolution and its subsequently expanding application fields, new entrants into the financial industry from the non-financial sector, and workstyle changes induced by corona pandemic. All these changes in operational circumstances call for digital transformation for us to maintain sustainable growth for the sake of our better adaptation and survival. Thus, we will grapple proactively with digital transformation.

We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group, aspire to reconfigure our business up to a next-generation securities brokerage operation which is dubbed “Securities DX3.0”. Toward this end, we use AI-driven database marketing, diagnosis-based inheritance simulation analysis, and asset management performance evaluation tools for better customer service, as well as implement work process reform. Further, we keep honing the services in digital arenas such as the one for smartphone users, and others associated with digital currencies trading and blockchain technology and sharing those with an expanded range of alliance partners. As such, we will contribute to the nation’s economy and society by growing ourselves as a distinctive securities brokerage firm carrying full-line services and products that set us apart from the competitors.


Tokai Tokyo Financial Group collaborates with regional financial institutions, non-financial business institutions, and local governments in providing services as a new form of business that makes efficient use of innovative FinTech capability. In so doing, we utilize new advanced competencies made possible by fusing FinTech power into conventional services, and we drive regional revitalization initiatives together with the said collaborating partners.

New services made deliverable by integrating FinTech into conventional services

We aim to build “a mutually beneficial data sharing system of digital finance”. We provide various gateway digital financial services designed for retail clients like “Okaneno Compass”, which is an investment management application, digital gift coupon /local currencies for regional development purposes, FinTech service provided directly with no outside intermediation by CHEER Securities, which is our own securities brokerage operation catering specifically to smartphone users, robotic advisory service, small change Investment, small loans, security tokens, and others. We deliver such services and products either in a stand-alone or bundled format. As we offer the said digital services, we can realize the benefit of sharing the services and the retrieved data among the participating partners for each respective purposes, for instance, for marketing purpose using the collected data after the analysis made by AI. Thus, we can achieve synergy effect by establishing mutually beneficial data access system.

【Tokai Tokyo Digital Platform Co., Ltd.】

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc., we are developing and introducing asset management apps Okane no Compass and Sonaeru Compass and apps with three functions: (1) information dissemination portal (2) digital points (3) digital payments, which support the revitalization of local economies.
By offering a variety of solutions to local financial institutions, operating companies, and local governments, we aim to provide end users with new financial experiences.

Logo:Tokai Tokyo Digital Platform

【CHEER Securities Inc.】

Based on the concept, “investment that is easy to start and easy to continue,” as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc., we offer services that make it easy to invest. You can easily start up in stocks in the U.S., in Japan, and investment trusts starting with 500 yen. You can complete everything from opening an account to inflow of cash, trading, and outflow of cash with your smartphone. Our aim is to become a securities company that offers financial services that are easy to start and easy to continue, thanks to its simple design and easy-to-understand operation.

logo:CHEER Securities

Collaborations with partners

We collaborate with alliance partners by taking advantage of our financial platform that symbolizes our edge in digital field that consists of the competences such as the network of security token among Asia, blockchain technology we introduced, and securities brokerage service for smartphone users available directly from Tokai Tokyo Financial Group with no intermediation. Our unique financial platform will enable us to provide 1) digital service capability, 2) new fund procurement methods and digital currency, 3) the most advanced capabilities to regional financial institutions and business entities.

Regional Revitalization

Concerning the task of revitalizing regional economy, we will make the following approaches on our part to reinvigorate regional economy by helping regional financial institutions play the core role of driving force.

  • Issuance of a "regional digital currency", utilizing blockchain technology and inter-company transactions in the said currency (inter-company settlement / EDI) including salary payment in digital currency in anticipation of future law revision
  • Security Tokens and Crowdfunding services to support financing of regional industries As stated above, we will assist both regional financial institutions and regional economy with their digital transformations by making use of our service resources.
Our advantage and potential in digital field

「DX Stocks 2022」

We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, were selected as a DX Stocks in 2021 and 2022, twice in a row, and we are the sole company selected as DX from securities brokerage industry. We are proud of this feat because the selection, we consider, is based on the evaluation result of our DX platform capability that boast of its originality and superiority.

About DX Stocks

During the five-year period beginning in 2015, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (“METI”) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”) had jointly started the program implementation for selecting the stock of the company excelling in IT utilization. This initiative mirrors a part of their collaborative endeavor to promote IT use among Japanese corporations. The program conferred the recognition of “the Stock of the Company Proactively Utilizing IT” to the companies that introduced IT to improve operational innovations, corporate earnings and productivity, which lead to the increased corporate value and fortified competitiveness in mid-to-long-term perspective.
In 2020, the program modified the selection criteria for DX Stocks and it now chooses the company using digital resource and taking on the DX that radically changes business model for grabbing new growth opportunity and acquiring enhanced competitiveness.
From 2022, METI, TSE and newly participated Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (“IPA”) select “DX stock” in each industry category from among the TSE-listed companies. The company to be selected should have established an internal mechanism that leads the DX initiative resulting in higher corporate value. Further, the company should demonstrate an excellent record of DX utilization.

DX銘柄2021 DX銘柄2022