SDG Pledge/Materiality of SDGs

Published the SDG Pledge


Publised in September 28, 2020

Tokai Tokyo Financial Group supports the spirit meant by UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We pledge to work toward the realization of sustainable society by being innovative business entity and by cherishing communities, people, and the environment. We believe we can accomplish this pledge abiding by our corporate vision, “We will contribute to the growth of our nation’s economy by fulfilling the role as a financial service provider to help customers with their wealth formation and capital enhancement.”

Disclosed “The Material Issues We Prioritize”

To demonstrate our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN, we published the SDG Pledge on September 28, 2020, in which we disclosed “The Material Issues We Prioritize” , by deriving from our corporate vision and existing sustainability initiatives.

Materiality of SDGs

Prioritized issues Key actions


  • Promote and maintain the health of local people and employees
  • Provide a workplace where employees can work robustly in good health
Good Health and Well-Being
  • Health management
    Established Health Management Promotion
    Committee and appointed Chief Health Officer
  • Medical consultations for employees
  • Sports promotion program

Training and workstyle

Training and workstyle
  • Provide a workplace where employees with diverse backgrounds and talents can fulfill their potential in inclusive atmosphere
  • Support employee's special skill sharpening
Quality Education Gender Equality Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • New personnel system
  • MBA scholarship program and rank-specific training programs
  • Defined specialty job areas and started specialist training
  • Career programs for senior employees and female employees
  • Work-from-home programs and encouraged employees to leave work on time
  • Published the Anti-Harassment Pledge


Financial innovation
  • Provide innovative financial services that meet diverse needs
  • Expand services for the next-generation, asset forming, and digital senior segments
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Released asset management application(Okane no Compass)
  • Started Smartphone-based Brokerage Service
  • Preparations for listing digitized securities by using block chain technology
  • Started loans secured by securities

Regional economy

Regional economy
  • Support the regional economy and revitalize regional communities
Decent Work and Economic Growth Sustanable Cities and Communities Partnerships For The Goals
  • Strengthened partnerships with leading regional banks to support regional regeneration
  • Organizing seminars and events
  • Fortified business succession services, strengthened M&A mediation
  • Supported local communities through Tokai Tokyo Foundation


Environmental conservation
  • Help build ecologically sustainable communities
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
Affordable and Clean Energy Climate Action
  • Became registered issuance supporter in government green bond program
  • Started trading social impact bonds (green bonds, water bonds)
  • Started switching to energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning
  • Started switching to fuel-efficient vehicles