Corporate Governance

Basic Approach

The Company considers the enhancement of corporate governance to be one of its important tasks. So, the Company will reinforce and upgrade its corporate governance, aiming to raise the level of fairness and transparency in its management with an ultimate view to winning trust from various stakeholders, and continuously increase corporate value. The Company makes this endeavor in tandem with its efforts to maintain corporate structure that allows swift decision making and business execution.
Further, the Company deems it essential to act in unison with all the stakeholders including shareholders, investors and others. Under such an idea, the Company has established the following basic approach to corporate governance and now hereby posts on its website the same for your reference.

Basic Policy

Describes the basic policy, features, systems, effectiveness analysis and evaluation of corporate governance.


Internal Control System

In accordance with the Companies Act and the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act, the Company has established a basic policy on the development of systems to ensure the proper conduct of the Company’s business.


Relationship with Stakeholders

The basic policy on dialogue with stakeholders and relations with shareholders and investors is described.