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Support household assets formation
Offer inspiring experiences
Improve financial literacy by offering general public opportunities for financial education

Segment-specific retail strategy

Tokai Tokyo Securities follows a segmented retail strategy, tailoring its products and services to the needs and attributes of three segments: next-generation asset forming, matured, and high net worth.

Support household assets formation

Customer development through corporate and individual sales, database marketing, and utilization of integrated customer assets management system

Available services:“Okane no Compass for TT,” “MONEQUE,” “ETERNAL” and “Mebius”

Orque d’or

As a securities brokerage firm focusing on conventional face-to-face services, Tokai Tokyo Securities, has always emphasized customer relations. Under a unique, “the Orque d’or", service brand that we set up, we serve high-net-worth customers with a service of high quality attentive to details that we have long fermented through abundant face-to-face customer service experiences.

Supporting education in local communities

We support educational opportunities for local communities as well as for our employees.
Examples include courses we run in universities in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Financial education for university students

Financial education for university students 1
Financial education for university students 2

With the aim of acquiring financial literacy and gaining a better understanding of the roles and operations of securities companies in the capital market, our Group employees teach semi-annual lectures on familiar topics based on actual securities business.