Orque d'or

As a securities brokerage firm focusing on conventional face-to-face services, Tokai Tokyo Securities, has always emphasized customer relations.
We set up a unique, “the Orque d’or", service brand catered to high-net-worth customers. Under the Orque d’or, we serve the customers with a service of high quality attentive to details that we have long fermented through abundant face-to-face customer service experiences. Our idea is to satisfy this specific segment of customers with a service brand of a high standard, the Orque d’or.

Orque d’or Society, Orque d’or Ecosystem

Tokai Tokyo Securities has developed Orque d’or brand of operation, under which we provide a private banking service by fusing financial and non-financial services, to high-net-worth customers.
In an effort to build up the unique Orque d’or brand, Tokai Tokyo Securities is developing Orque d’or Community and Orque d’or Ecosystem. Orque d’or Community provides business leaders with services such as an intermediating business match-ups and pitching events and giving support for startups. Orque d’or Ecosystem features an inter-industry network that puts high-net-worth customers in touch with a company that can potentially meet their needs.


Orque d’or Society


Tokai Tokyo Securities launched an initiative, "Tokyo Open Innovation College" taking advantage of our proven high level of track record and well-developed network in the Chubu area, which is geographically central part of Japan. In driving forward this initiative, we form alliances with universities and support the innovation arising in Chubu, arrange matching between potentially prominent manufacturing technology in Chubu and the companies in Tokyo area that may find such technology valuable, and offer investment opportunity if such matching attempt materializes.

Orque d’or Salon

Orque d’or Salon TOKYO Opened in 2019
Orque d’or Salon TOKYO Opened in 2019
Orque d’or Salon (Nagoya) Opened in 2016