Basic Compliance Policy

We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group*, consider it essentially important to upgrade the compliance capability and improve the application thereof under our own responsibilities on continuing basis, aiming to secure the trust in ourselves that is granted by our customers, business partners, market, investors, employees and the society at large.

We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group, formulate the Basic Compliance Policy of Tokai Tokyo Group as below in order to meet constantly the above mentioned requirement. We, all the employees and officers at the group, hereby state that we set the highest priority on thorough practice of compliance in every single aspect of our activity by way of observing the basic policy.

  • 1.  We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group, shall fulfill compliance obligation by observing laws, regulations and any other rules that are applicable to us.
  • 2.  We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group, shall fulfill social responsibility by harmonizing economic interest with social interest and promoting the sustainable development of free and fair society.
  • 3.  We, Tokai Tokyo Financial Group, shall fulfill ethical responsibility by performing our duties in sincerity and fairness and by respecting personal dignity and sense of public duty.

Ichiro Goda
Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc.

* Note: Tokai Tokyo Financial Group denotes the group of companies composed of Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries.