Directors & Executive Officers


Note1: Tsunehiro Nakayama, Kazumasa Miyazawa, Joichi Yamazaki, Ayako Ikeda and Katsuhiko Oota are all in the position of outside director, as stipulated in Item 15, Article 2, of the Company Law.

Note2: In cases prior to April 2009, “the Company” refers to Tokai Tokyo Securities Co., Ltd. In cases thereafter, it refers to Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, Inc.

Executive Officers

Deputy President Masanori Hayashi
Deputy President Makoto Hayashi
Senior Managing Executive Officer Yuusuke Ochiai
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hisashi Yoshikawa
Managing Executive Officer Tomoyoshi Shouno
Managing Executive Officer Yasuyoshi Oomi
Executive Officer Tomohiro Jitsui
Executive Officer Fumito Hirose
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Okabe
Executive Officer Junichi Takahashi
Executive Officer Aya Kurashita
Counselor Yoshifumi Itou

As of June 26,2024